10th Grade Provide An Objective Summary Of A Text Lesson Plan (English)

Topic: Provide an objective summary of a text

Objective & Outcome

  • By the end of this lesson, students will be able to provide an objective summary of a text.


  • Texts on a variety of topics (e.g. current events, history, literature, etc.)
  • Pencils and paper for each student


  • Ask students to briefly summarize the plot of a movie or a story that they have recently read.
  • Encourage students to provide only the main events in their summary and avoid providing any unnecessary details or their own opinions.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the concept of an objective summary and discuss the importance of including only essential information in a summary.
  • Demonstrate how to identify and include key information in a text by using a highlighting or marking pen.
  • Provide examples of how to summarize different types of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and literary texts.

Guided Practice

  • Divide students into pairs and provide each pair with a text to summarize.
  • Have students work together to identify key information and create an objective summary of the text.
  • Have students share their summaries with the class and discuss any challenges or insights they had while creating their summaries.

Independent Practice

  • Provide students with a text to summarize on their own.
  • Have students create an objective summary of the text using the steps outlined above.
  • Encourage students to be creative and think critically about the key information in the text.


  • Have students share their objective summaries with the class.
  • Ask students to reflect on the process of creating an objective summary and how it can be used to better understand a text.


  • Observe students during the independent closure activity and provide feedback on their objective summaries.
  • Collect and review the objective summaries to assess students' understanding of the process and their ability to create an objective summary of a text.

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