10th Grade Photoshop Basics Lesson Plan

Topic: Photoshop basics

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to understand and use the basic tools in photoshop to retouch and edit an image.


  • Computer with photoshop installed
  • Image for demonstration


  • Ask students what they know about photoshop. What are some of the things that they can do with it?
  • Show students an image that needs some editing and have them brainstorm ways that they could fix it in photoshop.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the different tools in photoshop and explain how they can be used to retouch and edit an image (e.g. clone stamp, healing brush, liquefy).
  • Show students some basic techniques for using the tools, such as how to select a tool and how to use the different options and settings.

Guided Practice:

  • Have students work in pairs to practice using the tools on a small section of an image (e.g. a face). The teacher can walk around the room and offer assistance and guidance.

Independent Practice:

  • Have students choose an image to work on and complete a basic retouching/enhancement using only the tools they have learnt.


  • Review the key Photoshop tools covered in the lesson.
  • Show examples of how these tools can be used to perform basic retouching and image enhancement.
  • Encourage students to continue practicing these skills and applying them to their own images.


  • Observe students as they work through the guided and independent practice exercise to assess understanding of the tools and techniques covered in the lesson.
  • Review completed projects to assess students' ability to apply the tools and techniques to retouch and enhance a given image.

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