Narrative Essay Writing

Topic:Writing a Narrative Essay

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to write a narrative essay that captures the reader's attention and communicates a clear message.


  • Writing paper
  • Pencils
  • Graphic organizers for brainstorming and organizing ideas (optional)


  • Ask students to think about a memorable experience they have had. Encourage them to share their experiences with a partner.
  • Ask students to think about what made the experience memorable. Encourage them to share their thoughts with the class.
  • Write the words " memorable experience" on the board. Ask students to think about what makes an experience memorable and to brainstorm ideas on a graphic organizer.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the concept of a narrative essay, explaining that a narrative essay tells a story and captures the readers' attention by engaging their emotions.
  • Discuss the components of a narrative essay, including a hook, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Model how to construct a narrative essay, using a sample essay as a guide.
  • Have students practice constructing a narrative essay, using the graphic organizer as a guide.

Guided Practice

  • Have students work in pairs to write a narrative essay using the graphic organizer as a guide.
  • Provide feedback on the essays and assist as needed.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose a topic for their narrative essay and write the essay independently.
  • Encourage students to use the graphic organizer to structure their essay and to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


  • Have students share their narratives with the class.
  • Ask students to reflect on the process of writing a narrative essay and discuss what they learned about writing narratives.


  • Observe student participation in the class discussions and small group activities. -Evaluate students' narratives for their ability to tell a story and provide closure to the reader. -Use a checklist to assess student narratives for basic elements of narrative writing, such as establishing a setting, developing characters, and providing a resolution to the story.

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