Recognizing Our Gifts And Talents Lesson Plan Example for 12th Grade Students

Topic: Recognizing our Gifts and Talents

Objectives & Outcomes

  • To understand the biblical basis for recognizing and utilizing our unique capabilities for the glory of God.
  • To discover our own unique gifts and talents and how we can use them to serve God's Kingdom.


  • Bible
  • Annotated Bible: Genesis 40-42
  • Handouts with questions and prompts related to the lesson topic
  • Pen/pencil and paper for note-taking


  • Play a game of "Who am I?" where the students have to guess who or what the teacher is based on prompts and clues. For example, "I am a gift from God, and I can be used to serve God's Kingdom." The students might guess that the teacher is a talent or a gift.

Direct Instruction

  • Begin by introducing the topic of gifts and talents. Explain that gifts and talents are God-given abilities or qualities that can be used to serve His Kingdom.
  • Distribute the handout with definitions and examples of gifts and talents. Go over the definitions and examples as a class, asking the students if they can think of any examples from their own lives.
  • Review the biblical basis for recognizing and utilizing gifts and talents. Read 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, which discusses the body of Christ and the importance of each member contributing their unique abilities for the benefit of the whole.

Guided Practice

  • Divide the class into small groups and give each group a scenario involving a character with a particular gift or talent. Examples could include: a child who is especially good at drawing, a teenager who is gifted at leadership, a minister who has a special gift of word -of-wisdom.
  • Have the groups discuss the scenario and determine which gift or talent is being demonstrated.
  • Have each group present their scenario and determination to the class.

Independent Practice

  • Have students work on a project-based activity in which they identify a particular gift or talent that they possess and consider how they can use it for the glory of God.
  • Examples could include: creating a drawing or painting that represents a biblical principle, organizing a youth event to encourage others, sharing a word of wisdom with a friend.
  • Provide students with supplies and resources needed to complete their projects.


  • Have students share their completed projects with the class and discuss how their gifts and talents can be used for the glory of God.
  • Encourage students to seek out opportunities to utilize their gifts and talents in ways that glorify God, such as serving in their local church, sharing their gifts with friends and family, or pursuing a vocation that utilizes their unique capabilities.


  • Observe students during their independent practice to assess their understanding of the concept of gifts and talents and their ability to apply it in their own lives.
  • Review and provide feedback on the completed projects to assess student understanding of how their gifts and talents can be used for the glory of God.

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