Free 12th Grade Creativity Lesson Plan (Creativity)

Topic: creativity

Objectives & Outcomes


  • Various objects that can be used to demonstrate creativity (e.g. paper clips, pens, rubber bands, etc.)
  • A large empty space such as a classroom or auditorium
  • Poster board and markers


  • Begin the lesson by asking students to think of a creative solution to a common problem. Examples could include: How could you get water if you were lost in the desert without a water bottle or how could you stop a nosebleed without a tissue. Have students share their ideas and discuss the merits of each.

Direct Instruction

  • Next, introduce the concept of creativity and explain that creativity is the ability to think outside the box. Explain that this means looking at a problem or challenge in a new way, or finding a different way to solve it.
  • Provide students with some examples of creative solutions and have them brainstorm other creative solutions to common problems. Provide feedback and encourage students to think creatively.

Guided Practice

  • Next, provide students with a creative challenge, such as a problem to be solved or a challenge to be overcome. Have students work in small groups to brainstorm creative solutions.
  • Provide feedback on the solutions and encourage students to think outside the box.

Independent Practice

  • Ask students to come up with their own creative challenges and come up with creative solutions. Encourage them to think outside the box.


  • Have students share their creative challenges and solutions with the class.


  • Observe students during the challenge and provide feedback on their creative solutions.
  • Have students submit their creative solutions as a written response or a visual presentation.

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