1st Grade Introduction To The English Alphabet Lesson Plan

Topic: Introduction to the english alphabet

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to correctly pronounce the letters of the english alphabet.


  • Alphabet chart or poster
  • Alphabet letters cut out of construction paper or cardboard
  • Pen or pencil for each student


  • Ask the students to name the letters of the alphabet that they know.
  • Write the letters on the board or chart as the students name them.
  • Continue until all of the letters are written on the board.

Direct Instruction

  • Review the alphabet chart with the students, pointing to each letter and pronouncing it out loud.
  • Ask the students to repeat each letter after you, to ensure that they are pronouncing it correctly.
  • Once the students have mastered the letters, have them practice writing them on their own paper or chalkboard.

Guided Practice

  • Have the students work in pairs and take turns writing the letters on each other's backs. The other student must then guess the letter being written.
  • Alternatively, have the students take turns writing the letters on a piece of paper while the other student tries to guess what letter is being written.

Independent Practice

  • Have the students create a alphabet book. Each page should include a letter of the alphabet and an object that starts with that letter. The students should write and illustrate the pages for their alphabet book.


  • Review the letters of the alphabet and how to pronounce them.
  • Ask the students to share any objects that start with the letters of the alphabet that they included in their alphabet book.


  • Observe the students during independent practice to assess their ability to write the letters of the alphabet correctly and spell words.
  • Collect and review the students' alphabet books to assess their ability to use the correct letters and spell words.

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