Parts Of The Body Lesson Plan for 1st Grade Students

Topic: Parts Of The Body

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to name and correctly identify all the parts of the body.


  • Picture cards with pictures of the different parts of the body (e.g. head, arms, legs, torso, etc.)
  • Chart paper and markers


  • Have students stand up and stretch their bodies, pointing to each part of their body as they say its name (e.g. "My name is Arm, and I am an arm!")
  • Ask students to sit down and draw a picture of their body, including all the parts they can think of.

Direct Instruction

  • Show the students the picture of the body and ask them to point out the different parts.
  • Label each part as you go along, using the pictures and words printed on the handouts.
  • Ask students to repeat the names of the body parts after you.

Guided Practice

  • Distribute the handouts to the students and ask them to work with a partner to identify the different body parts.
  • Have them use the pictures as a reference.
  • Have them use the words printed on the handouts to help them identify the parts.
  • Have them use the words they have learned so far to help them identify the parts.
  • Have them use their fingers to trace the lines of the body part drawings.

Independent Practice

  • Have the students work in groups to create a picture book about the body.
  • Have each group create a story about the different body parts and how they are used.
  • Have each group use the body part drawings and the words they have learned to create the illustrations for their book.
  • Have each group present their book to the class.


  • Review the parts of the body that we learned today.
  • Ask the students to give examples of each body part and how they are used.


  • Observe the students during independent practice to ensure that they are using the correct body part names when writing their sentences.
  • Collect and review the students' class book pages to assess their understanding of the parts of the body.

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