What Is A Community? Lesson Plan for 1st Grade Students

Lesson Plan: What is a Community?

Subject: Social Studies

Grade Level: First Grade

Duration: 2-3 days (45 minutes per day)


Students will be able to define what a community is and identify its various components. They will learn about different places within their community and understand the importance of working together as community members.


Picture books or visuals depicting different places in a community

Large world map or globe

Class map template (pre-drawn or printed)

Markers or crayons

Chart paper or whiteboard

Community Helper Hats (optional, made from construction paper)

Day 1:

Introduction (10 minutes):

Gather the students in a circle on the rug and begin the lesson by asking, "What is a community?"

Elicit responses from the students and guide them to understand that a community is a group of people who live and work together in the same area.

Exploring Communities (15 minutes):

Show the students a large world map or globe, and explain that communities exist all over the world.

Using visuals or picture books, introduce various places that exist within a community (e.g., school, park, library, hospital, grocery store).

Ask the students to share some places they have seen or visited in their own community.

Mapping Our Community (20 minutes):

Distribute a class map template to each student.

Instruct the students to draw and label at least three places they identified as part of their community on the map (e.g., school, park, and library).

Encourage them to include symbols or illustrations to represent each place.

As they work, move around the classroom, engaging with students and discussing their choices.

Wrap-up (5 minutes):

Have a brief discussion about the different places students added to their maps.

Hang the completed maps on the wall or a designated bulletin board to create a visual representation of the class community.

Day 2:

Review (5 minutes):

Begin the lesson by reviewing the concept of a community from the previous day.

Use the class map to discuss the different places students identified as part of their community.

Community Helper Hats (optional) (10 minutes):

To reinforce the idea of community members, you can have students create "Community Helper Hats" using construction paper.

Before the activity, cut out strips of construction paper and have students decorate and wear them as community helper hats.

Interactive Activity: Community Helper Role Play (20 minutes):

Assign various roles to the students (e.g., teacher, firefighter, police officer, librarian, doctor, etc.).

Allow the students to take turns wearing the Community Helper Hats and role-playing as they act out scenarios related to their assigned role.

Guide the students during the role-play to emphasize teamwork and cooperation in the community.

Discussion (10 minutes):

After the role-play activity, gather the students for a discussion.

Ask questions such as:

"What did you learn from playing the different community roles?"

"Why is it important for community members to work together?"

"How can we be good community members in our classroom and school?"

Conclusion (5 minutes):

Summarize the lesson by emphasizing the key points discussed during the activities.

Remind the students that they are part of a special community in their classroom and school, where they can all work together and support one another.


Assess students' understanding through their active participation during the class discussions, mapping activity, and role-play. Observe their engagement and cooperation during the role-play to determine their grasp of the concept of community and working together as community members.

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