2nd Grade The Compass Lesson Plan

Topic: The Compass

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to understand the purpose of a compass and how it works.


  • Compasses
  • Pieces of paper
  • Markers or crayons


  • Show the students a compass and ask them what they think it is used for.
  • Ask the students if they have ever been camping or hiking before and if they have used a compass to find their way.

Direct Instruction

  • Explain to the students that a compass is a device that helps us find our way by pointing to the north.
  • Show the students how to use a compass by demonstrating how to hold it and turn the dial to find the north arrow.
  • Explain that a compass can be used to help us find our way when we are outdoors and lost.

Guided Practice

  • Pass out the compass kits to the students and have them work in pairs to practice using the compass.
  • Have the students take turns holding the compass and guiding their partner to the north using the compass.

Independent Practice

  • Have the students work in groups to create a map of their classroom.
  • Have each group member use a compass to draw a line from their position to the north on their map.
  • Have the students present their maps to the class and explain how their maps show them the layout of the classroom.


  • Review the key points of the lesson, including the eight cardinal directions and how to use a compass to find the direction of north.
  • Ask the students to share one thing they learned about compasses during the lesson.


  • Observe the students during the independent practice to assess their understanding of the material.
  • Collect and review their drawn maps and written descriptions of their neighborhood for understanding of the material.

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