Free 2nd Grade Golf Week 1 Lesson Plan (Physical Education)

Topic: Golf

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify the parts of a golf club and explain their purpose.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate proper stance and swing while holding a golf club.


  • Golf clubs
  • Golf balls
  • Flash cards with images of different parts of a golf club (clubhead, shaft, grips, etc.)


  • Show students a golf club and ask them to describe what they see.
  • Ask them to raise their hand if they can identify any of the parts that they see on the golf club.
  • Discuss the purpose of each part and how it is used during a golf swing.

Direct Instruction

  • Review the names of the different parts of a golf club and demonstrate how to hold a club properly.
  • Show students the proper stance and grip on a golf club, and demonstrate how to swing the club properly.
  • Explain the concept of the different types of golf shots, such as a drive, approach shot, and putt.

Guided Practice:

  • Have students take turns holding a club correctly and demonstrating the proper swing.
  • Have a coach or assistant instructor walk around and provide feedback and guidance on the students' technique.
  • Have students practice hitting balls off of the tee and into the target area.

Independent Practice:

  • Have students work in pairs or small groups to create a short game practice. This could include techniques such as chipping and putting.
  • Have students take turns practicing their short game techniques and receiving feedback from their partners or group.


  • Review the main points of the lesson, including how to hold the club and the proper stroke technique for driving, chipping and putting.
  • Have students share their favorite part of the lesson and something they learned.


  • Observe students during the lesson to assess their understanding of the golf basics.
  • Ask students to demonstrate the proper technique for holding the club and making a chip shot.
  • Have students complete a worksheet on basic golf terms and rules.

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