3rd Grade Character Description Lesson Plan Example

Topic: character description

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to describe a character from a narrative text using specific details and adjectives.


  • Narrative text
  • Pencils and paper for each student


  • Ask students to recall a character from a story they have read recently.
  • Have them describe the character using specific details and adjectives.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the concept of character description and its importance in literature.
  • Explain that character description helps us understand the characters' personalities, motives, and actions.
  • Provide examples of character description from a text, and ask students to identify the specific details and adjectives used to describe the character.

Guided Practice

  • Pass out copies of the narrative text or have it available online.
  • Introduce the specific character to be described.
  • Have students read the text carefully and underline or highlight any adjectives or other descriptive words used to describe the character.
  • Have students share their findings with a partner and discuss how the adjectives and details help them understand the character better.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose a character from a different narrative text to describe.
  • Have students write a paragraph describing the character using the adjectives and details underlined or highlighted in the text.
  • Encourage students to include details beyond what is directly stated in the text and to use their own words as much as possible.


  • Have students share their character descriptions with the class.
  • Ask students to reflect on the importance of using adjectives and details in character descriptions.
  • Ask students to share any strategies they used to include details beyond what is directly stated in the text.


  • Observe students during independent practice to assess their ability to use adjectives and details to describe a character.
  • Collect and review their character descriptions for accuracy and detail.
  • Administer a quiz that includes a character description passage and multiple questions asking students to identify the character and describe him or her using adjectives and details.

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