5th Grade A Day Of A Roman Gladiator Lesson Plan Example

Topic: a day of a roman gladiator

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to describe the training regimen and life of a roman gladiator.


  • Pictures of roman gladiators
  • Roman weapons and armor
  • Diagrams of roman training facilities (e.g. the arculus, the arena)


  • Ask students if they have heard of roman gladiators.
  • Ask them what they know about roman gladiators.
  • Lead a discussion about the role of gladiators in roman society and entertainment.

Direct Instruction

  • Show students pictures or video clips of roman gladiators training.
  • Ask students what they notice about the training methods used by gladiators.
  • Lead a discussion about the types of weapons and armor used by gladiators and how they were trained to use them.

Guided Practice

  • Have students work in small groups to create a training program for a roman gladiator.
  • Have each group present their training program to the class and discuss why they chose the training methods they did.

Independent Practice

  • Have students create a training program for a roman gladiator using the information from the reading and the discussion. Encourage them to be creative and think about what would be needed to prepare for different types of gladiator fights.


  • Have students share their training programs with the class and explain their choices.
  • Review the importance of training for gladiator fights and the types of training that were typically used.
  • Ask students to reflect on what they learned about roman gladiators and their training.


  • Observe students during independent practice and take notes on their presentations.
  • Evaluate students' understanding of roman gladiator training through a written quiz or test.

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