5th Grade Water Conservation Lesson Plan Example

Topic: Water Conservation

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will know the importance of water conservation and the ways to practice it.


  • Pictures of different ways people can conserve water (e.g. fixing leaks, turning off the water when brushing teeth, taking short showers, etc.)
  • Handouts with tips on how to conserve water


  • Ask students if they know what water conservation is.
  • Ask them to share examples of ways people can conserve water.
  • Write their ideas on the board.

Direct Instruction

  • Explain that water conservation means using water in a way that protects the quality and availability of this resource for future generations.
  • Tell students that there are many simple ways to conserve water, such as turning off the faucet when not using it, not watering the lawn when it isn't necessary, and using a basin to capture water when taking a shower.
  • Show students pictures or videos of areas where water conservation is important, such as in drought-stricken areas or areas with limited water resources.

Guided Practice

  • Divide students into small groups and give each group a set of pictures or images of ways to conserve water.
  • Have students work together to identify and explain the benefits of each action.
  • Bring the class back together and share the ideas with the whole group.

Independent Practice

  • Have students work individually or in pairs to create a poster or presentation about a specific way that they have found to conserve water in their daily lives.
  • Encourage students to be creative and include visual examples or statistics in their projects.


  • Have each group or individual present their project to the class.
  • Ask the class to list any additional ways that they can think of to conserve water in their daily lives.


  • Observe the students during the water conservation project and discussion phases of the lesson and make note of their participation and understanding of the material.
  • Collect and review the student-created posters or presentations to assess their understanding of the importance of water conservation and their ability to effectively communicate this understanding to a target audience.

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