Free 6th Grade Proyecto De Vida Lesson Plan (Emprendimiento)

Topic:Creating a Career Plan

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to understand the steps involved in creating a career plan.


  • Handout with the steps involved in creating a career plan
  • Pencils and paper for each student


  • Ask the students to share what they know about creating a career plan.
  • Write their answers on the board and discuss as a class.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the concept of creating a proyecto de vida, or career plan.
  • Explain that a proyecto de vida is a detailed plan for the future that includes education, career, and personal goals.
  • Use the handouts to walk the students through the steps of creating a proyecto de vida: brainstorming goals, researching options, making a timeline, and creating a final draft.
  • Emphasize the importance of thinking about the big picture and considering all aspects of life (career, personal, financial, etc.) when creating a proyecto de vida.

Guided Practice

  • Have the students work in small groups to brainstorm goals and make a list of possible career options for each student.
  • Have the groups research each career option and make a list of the educational requirements and outlook for each.
  • Have the groups use the list of educational requirements to plot out a timeline for each student's education, from kindergarten through college.
  • Have the groups use the list of career options, educational timeline, and personal goals to create a final draft of each student's proyecto de vida.

Independent Practice

  • Have each student work on their proyecto de vida independently, making any revisions or additions based on the group feedback.


  • Have each student share their proyecto de vida with the class.
  • Ask the students to reflect on the process of creating their proyecto de vida and what they learned about themselves and their plans for the future.


  • Observe the students during the pre-planning and planning stages of the proyecto de vida to ensure they are following the steps correctly.
  • Use the proyecto de vida to assess the students' understanding of the steps for creating a proyecto de vida and their ability to apply those steps in creating their own proyecto de vida.

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