Free 6th Grade Short Stories Lesson Plan (English)

Topic: The Importance of Short Stories

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will understand the importance of short stories in their lives and the lives of other people.


  • Short stories from various sources
  • Writing paper and pen/pencils for each student


  • Ask the students if they have ever read a short story before.
  • Ask them to share their experiences with the class.
  • Ask the students to brainstorm what they think a short story is and what it is about.
  • Write the students' ideas on the board.

Direct Instruction

  • Explain that a short story is a fictional narrative that is shorter than a novel.
  • Distribute the handouts with the descriptions of the short stories.
  • Have the students read the descriptions and discuss what they expect from each story.
  • Ask the students to note any themes or elements that appear in more than one story.

Guided Practice

  • Divide the students into small groups and give each group one of the short stories.
  • Have the students read the story and discuss what they think will happen next.
  • Encourage the students to use the themes and elements they noticed in the other stories to help them predict the outcome of their chosen story.
  • Allow time for the students to write a brief summary of the story they have read.

Independent Practice

  • Have the students choose a short story from the list that they have not already read and write a short essay analyzing the role of the themes and elements in the story. Encourage the students to use specific examples from the story to support their analysis.


  • Have the students share their essays with the class and discuss the themes and elements as they relate to the story.


  • Observe students during independent practice to ensure that they are accurately identifying and describing the major themes and elements of their chosen stories.
  • Collect and grade their essays for completion and accuracy.

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