Figurative Language

and Metaphors


      1. Students will be able to differentiate between similes and metaphors.

        2. Students will be able to create their own similes and metaphors.

          National Standards:

            Common Core State Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.5.B - Define words by category and by one or more key attributes.


              • Whiteboard or chart paper
              • Markers
              • Pictures or illustrations representing similes and metaphors


                Ask students: Can you think of a time when someone compared two things that are not alike using words like "as" or "like"? How did it make the description more interesting?

                  Direct Instruction:

                    1. Explain the difference between similes and metaphors using examples.

                      2. Show pictures or illustrations representing similes and metaphors.

                        Guided Practice:

                          1. Divide students into small groups.

                            2. Give each group a picture or illustration and have them come up with a simile and a metaphor for it.

                              3. Have each group present their findings to the class.

                                Independent Practice:

                                  Ask students to create their own similes and metaphors about a topic of their choice. They can draw a picture to go along with their figurative language.


                                      Have students share their similes and metaphors with the class. Discuss how figurative language makes writing more interesting.


                                          Assess students based on their ability to differentiate between similes and metaphors, as well as their creativity in coming up with their own examples.


                                              For students with special needs:

                                              • Provide visuals to support understanding.
                                              • Pair students with a partner for support during group activities.
                                              • Allow for extra time to complete independent practice.
                                              • Offer sentence starters or guidance for creating similes and metaphors.

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