Free Soccer Lesson Plan for 1st Grade Students

Topic: How to Play Soccer for Younger Grades

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate the basic skills needed to play soccer, including kicking, passing, and dribbling.


  • Soccer ball
  • Blindfolds or neckties
  • Markers or stickers


  • Have students stretch their bodies by reaching up high, then reaching down low, then side to side.
  • Next, have students do some light jogging to get their heart rate up and their bodies warmed up.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the topic of soccer and explain that today they are going to learn how to play this fun sport.
  • Show the students the soccer ball and explain that this is the object of the game. The goal is to kick the ball into the goal, which is the open net at the opposite end of the field.
  • Explain the different positions on a soccer team and demonstrate how each one plays a different role in the game. For example, the goalkeeper's job is to stop the other team from scoring, while the midfielders' job is to pass the ball to the forwards, who are the players trying to score.
  • Demonstrate some basic soccer skills, such as kicking, passing, and dribbling. Emphasize the importance of teamwork and communication in soccer.

Guided Practice

  • Have the students spread out on the field in a single file line. Start with a small, soft soccer ball so that the students can easily control it.
  • Walk down the line and have each student take turns kicking the ball. Encourage them to aim for the goal and use good technique.
  • Switch to a larger, heavier soccer ball and continue the drill. The students will have to use more muscle to kick the ball, which will help build their strength and endurance.

Independent Practice

  • Divide the students into two teams and have them set up their own goalposts.
  • Have the students play a traditional game of soccer, working on their agility, speed, and coordination as they try to score goals.
  • Encourage the students to be creative and use their bodies to maneuver the ball.


  • Have the students share their favorite parts of the game and how they were able to use their bodies to play.
  • Ask the students to reflect on what they learned about teamwork and how to be creative in a game.


  • Observe the students during the game and look for them using their bodies to move the ball and working together as a team.

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