Free 8th Grade Duties And Responsibilities Of Citizens Lesson Plan (Social Studies)

Topic: Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to explain the duties and responsibilities of a U.S. citizen.


  • Handout with a list of duty and responsibilities of citizens, such as paying taxes and voting
  • Pen or pencil for each student
  • Paper for students to take notes on


  • Ask students to name some of the duties and responsibilities of a U.S. citizen. Write their answers on the board.
  • Discuss the answers as a class and explain that citizens have many duties and responsibilities, such as paying taxes, voting and serving in the military.

Direct Instruction

  • Review the list of duties and responsibilities that students wrote on the board.
  • Discuss the importance of each duty and responsibility and how it contributes to the strength and well-being of the United States.
  • Use examples to illustrate the points being made.

Guided Practice

  • Divide the class into small groups and give each group a copy of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Have the groups work together to identify the provisions in the Constitution that relate to the duties and responsibilities of citizens.
  • Have each group present their findings to the class.

Independent Practice

  • Ask students to choose one of the rights or privileges listed on the e-passport card and research how that right or privilege is embodied in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Have students write a brief essay explaining their findings.


  • Ask students to share one thing they learned about their rights and responsibilities as a U.S. citizen.
  • Review the main points of the lesson and remind students that it is their responsibility to educate themselves about the U.S. Constitution and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.


  • Observe students during the group and independent practice activities to assess understanding of the material.
  • Collect and review the projects completed during independent practice to assess students' ability to apply their understanding of the material in a practical context.

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