Mayflower Compact Lesson Plan for 8th Grade Example Students

Topic: The Mayflower Compact

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to analyze the creation and importance of the Mayflower Compact in early American history.


  • Copies of the Mayflower Compact for each student
  • Handout with information about the Mayflower Compact
  • Pencils and paper for each student


  • Ask students what they know about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims.
  • Discuss their responses and clarify any misconceptions.
  • Ask students what they know about early American government and the formation of the colonies.

Direct Instruction

  • Review the main events leading up to the creation of the Mayflower Compact, including the Separatio

n from England and the journey to the New World.

  • Discuss the purpose of a compact, including the need for the Pilgrims to establish a system of government and laws in their new home.
  • Discuss the content of the Mayflower Compact, including the rights and responsibilities of the colonists, and how it influenced later American government and law.

Guided Practice

  • Divide the class into small groups.
  • Give each group a copy of the Mayflower Compact and have them work together to summarize the main points.
  • Have each group present their summary to the class.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose one of the principles outlined in the Mayflower Compact and research how it has impacted society today.
  • Have students write a short report on their findings and present it to the class.


  • Review the Mayflower Compact and the principles it outlines.
  • Ask students to reflect on the importance of these principles and how they have impacted society today.


  • Evaluate student performance based on their understanding of the Mayflower Compact and its principles.
  • Use this evaluation to inform the need for additional instruction or support.

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