Environmental Impact Lesson Plan for 8th Grade Example Students

Topic:Environmental Impact

Objectives & Outcomes:

  • To understand how human activity can impact the environment


  • Handout with examples of human activity and their effects on the environment (e.g. industrial pollution, deforestation, climate change)
  • Whiteboard or chalkboard for presenting information and writing answers to questions


  • Ask students if they are familiar with the term "environmentalism."
  • Ask them to think about what it means and how it is related to their everyday lives.
  • Write their responses on the whiteboard or chalkboard.
  • Ask students if they know what causes environmental problems and how they can be prevented.

Direct Instruction

  • Review the causes of environmental problems, such as pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change.
  • Discuss ways to prevent environmental problems, such as recycling, conserving energy, and reducing waste.
  • Provide students with handouts or worksheets with information on environmental problems and prevention strategies. Have them read through the materials and take notes on key points.

Guided Practice

  • Divide students into small groups and provide each group with a different environmental problem to research.
  • Have each group create a poster with information about their topic, including causes, effects, and prevention strategies.
  • As a class, review the posters and discuss the ways in which students can help solve the problems presented.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose one of the environmental problems presented and research further.
  • Have students write a report on their chosen problem, including information on its causes, effects, and prevention strategies.


  • Have students share their reports with the class.
  • Review the main points of the lesson and discuss ways in which each student can help combat environmental problems in their own daily lives.


  • Observe students during the group activity to assess their understanding of the main points of the lesson.
  • Review the reports that students have written as their independent practice to assess their ability to apply their understanding of the material in a real-world context.

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