Free 9th Grade Solving A Biological Problems Lesson Plan (Science)

Topic: Solving a biological problems

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to apply the scientific method to solve a biological problem.


  • Biological problem
  • Data organization tools (e.g. charts, diagrams)
  • Calculator


  • Ask students to raise their hand if they have ever heard of the scientific method.
  • Ask a few volunteers to briefly explain what the scientific method is and how it is used to solve problems.
  • Have students brainstorm a list of biological problems they might encounter in their daily life (e.g. avoiding contagious diseases, managing pests in the garden).

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the concept of the scientific method and explain that it is a systematic approach to solving problems by gathering data, formulating a hypothesis, and testing the hypothesis using evidence.
  • Using the handout, go over the steps of the scientific method in detail, emphasizing the importance of data collection, hypothesis testing, and data analysis.
  • Use the example of a biological problem to demonstrate how the scientific method can be used to solve a problem.

Guided Practice

  • Using the handout, have students work in pairs to solve a biological problem using the scientific method.
  • Provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Independent Practice

  • Give students a different biological problem to solve using the scientific method.
  • Encourage students to use the steps outlined in the handout to solve the problem and to justify their answers.


  • Have students share their solutions to the biological problems.
  • Discuss any challenges or struggles that students had while solving the problems and how they were able to overcome them.
  • Remind students of the importance of using the scientific method to solve biological problems and of the importance of

data collection and analysis.


  • Observe students as they work in groups to solve the biological problems and provide feedback on their use of the scientific method and their data collection and analysis skills.
  • Collect and grade the solutions that students write up as part of the independent practice activity.
  • Administer a quiz at a later date to assess student understanding of the scientific method and the importance of data collection and analysis.

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