Free 9th Grade Southern Africa Lesson Plan (Social Studies)

Topic: Southern Africa

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to describe the physical features of Southern Africa.


  • Map of Southern Africa
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Handouts with information about the physical features of Southern Africa


  • Ask students to brainstorm a list of physical features that they think might exist in Southern Africa.
  • Write their ideas on the board.
  • Discuss the most common ideas and explain that today we will be learning about the physical features of Southern Africa.

Direct Instruction

  • Show a map of Southern Africa and point out the boundaries of the region.
  • Discuss the climate and weather patterns in the region, including the seasonal variations.
  • Describe the physical characteristics of the region, including the topography, climate, and natural resources.
  • Use pictures and videos to illustrate the points being made.

Guided Practice

  • Have students work in pairs or small groups to research and present on a specific topic related to Southern Africa, such as the economy, history, or culture.
  • Use the class time to facilitate a discussion on the presented topics and provide additional insight and information as needed.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose a specific topic to research independently, such as a specific city or landmark, and create a poster or presentation on their chosen topic.
  • Students can use the information learned in the class and their own research to create a cohesive and informative poster or presentation.


  • Review the key points covered in the lesson and have students share their posters or presentations with the class.
  • Ask students to reflect on what they have learned about Southern Africa and discuss any new insights or perspectives they gained from the lesson


  • Observe students during the guided and independent practice activities to assess their understanding of the key points about Southern Africa.
  • Collect and review their posters or presentations to assess their ability to express their thoughts and knowledge about Southern Africa in a visual medium.

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