Kindergarten Short Vowels Lesson Plan (English)

Topic: Short Vowels

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to recognize and produce the short vowels sounds in spoken words.


  • Word cards with short vowel sounds (e.g. "a" as in "cat", "e" as in "hen", "i" as in "pin", "o" as in "top", "u" as in "fun")
  • Bobbing apples activity (optional)


  • Review the concept of vowels and sounds that they make. Ask students to point to their mouth where they make the different sounds.
  • Review the short vowel sounds, having students repeat along with you as you model each one.

Direct Instruction

  • Show the short vowel picture cards to the students and ask them to identify the vowel sound that each one makes.
  • Have students repeat the short vowel sounds after you.

Guided Practice

  • Have students work in pairs and take turns identifying the short vowels in a word and having their partner say the word.

Independent Practice

  • Provide students with a list of words and have them write the words on their own, identifying the short vowels as they write.


  • Review the chart on the whiteboard and ask students to identify the short vowels in the words they wrote.


  • Use What do you hear? to further assess student understanding of the short vowels.
  • Evaluation
  • Have students complete a short vowel spelling worksheet.
  • Observe students during independent practice to assess their understanding of short vowels and their ability to accurately spell words.

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