Phonological Awareness

Topic: Phonological Awareness

Objectives & Outcomes

  • By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify and produce rhyming words.


  • Word cards with a variety of words on them (at least 10 pairs of rhyming words)
  • Chart paper and markers


  • Begin by asking the students if they know what it means to rhyme. Ask them to give examples of words that rhyme.
  • Then, show the students the word cards and ask them to point out any words that rhyme. Write their answers on the chart paper.

Direct Instruction

  • Explain to the students that words that rhyme are words that sound the same at the end (or sometimes in the middle) when they are said out loud.
  • Give the students more word cards and ask them to identify which words rhyme. Use the chart paper to record their answers.
  • As the students come up with rhyming words, encourage them to say the words out loud and listen for the sounds that match.

Guided Practice

  • Pass out the blue and red construction paper and have the students cut out small squares.
  • Give the students some more word cards and have them sort the words into blue and red piles based on whether they rhyme or not.
  • Have the students use the blue and red markers to create a picture next to each word card that shows whether the word rhymes or not.
  • Go through the word cards as a group and discuss the pictures that the students have created.

Independent Practice

  • Have the students work in pairs and take turns coming up with word pairs that rhyme.
  • Have the students write down their word pairs and share them with the class.
  • Go through the word pairs as a group and discuss whether they actually rhyme or not.


  • Ask the students to think of a few words that rhyme with a given word.
  • Have the students share their words with the class and explain why they rhyme.
  • Go through as many word pairs as time allows.


  • Observe the students during independent practice to see if they are able to identify and produce rhyming words.
  • Collect and review the students' pairs of rhyming words to evaluate their phonological awareness.

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