Free Counting From 0-20 Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Students

Topic: Counting to 20

Objectives & Outcomes

  • By the end of this activity, children will be able to count from 0-20 and understand the relationship between numbers and corresponding amounts.


  • 20 small objects (such as marbles, candies, or paper clips)
  • 1 medium object (such as a small block or pencil)
  • 1 large object (such as a book or poster)
  • Calendar with days of the week
  • Index cards or small piece of paper for each child


  • Start the lesson by asking the children to hold up their hand and count how many fingers they have. Then, ask them to count how many objects they can see in the room. Finally, ask them to count how many days are on the calendar.
  • After counting, introduce the topic of numbers and counting by asking the children what number comes before 0.

Direct Instruction

  • Next, show the children how to count from 0-20 by using fingers or objects. Show them how to say each number and how to place a corresponding finger or object on their hand or arm to represent each number.
  • As you are counting, encourage the children to repeat each number after you say it.
  • After demonstrating how to count, allow the children to try counting on their own, using the numbers on their hands or objects in the room as a guide.

Guided Practice

  • Next, have the children work in pairs or small groups to count out loud using the numbers on their hands or objects in the room as a guide. Encourage them to say the numbers and place the corresponding fingers or objects on their hands or arms.
  • As the children are counting, walk around the room and provide support and guidance as needed.

Independent Practice

  • For independent practice, challenge the children to create a counting book. Have them create a story or illustration that represents each number from 0 to 20.
  • Encourage the children to use their fingers or objects to represent the numbers as they create their books.


  • Review the numbers 0-20 and have the children count up to 20 or down from 20.
  • Ask the children to share their counting books with the class and discuss their illustrations and how they represented the numbers.


  • Observe the children during independent practice to assess their understanding of counting and numbering.
  • Collect and review their counting books to assess their understanding of using numbers to represent objects.

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