Kindergarten Kindergarten, Rythm, Beat Lesson Plan Example (Music)

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify rythm in a song and create a rythm using their hands.


  • Song with a rythm
  • Hand actions to create a rythm


  • Ask students to name different types of music they know. Write their answers on the board.
  • Play a song with a rythm and ask students to clap along with the rythm.

Direct Instruction

  • Ask students what a rythm is.
  • Explain that a rythm is a repeated pattern of sound that helps us to understand the beat or pace of a song.
  • Play different songs with different rythm patterns and have students clap along with the rythm.

Guided Practice

  • Play a song with a rythm pattern that is easy for students to follow.
  • Have students stand up and clap along with the rythm while you walk around the room and make sure they are following the beat.

Independent Practice

  • Have students work in small groups to create their own song with a rythm pattern. They can use instruments or their voices to create the rythm.
  • Have each group perform their song for the class.


  • Review the concept of rythm and how it is created by matches the beats in a song.
  • Ask students to share their songs and explain how they used rythm to create their songs.


  • Observe students during the independent practice and give feedback on their use of rythm.
  • Collect and review the song books that each student created as an independent practice.

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