Kindergarten Introduction To Land Maps And Basic Vocabulary Lesson Plan (Science)

Topic: Introduction to land maps and basic vocabulary

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify and locate main land features on a land map.
  • Students will be able to name and identify basic vocabulary terms for land features.


  • Land maps
  • Basic land feature vocabulary cards (e.g. "sea," "mountain," "river," "pond," "island")


  • Show the students a land map and ask them to identify and locate the main land features on the map.
  • Have the students work in pairs or small groups and give them a few basic land feature vocabulary cards to describe the land features they located on the map.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the students to the concept of land maps and their purpose.
  • Explain that land maps show the land features and the layout of the land, and that they are used for navigation and discovery.
  • Show the students how to use a land map by pointing to a specific land feature and asking them to locate it on the map.

Guided Practice

  • Show the students a few different land maps and have them work in pairs to locate specific land features on the maps.
  • Encourage the students to ask questions if they are unsure of where a certain feature is located.

Independent Practice

  • Divide the class into small groups and give each group a blank land map to fill in with the location of several different land features.
  • Encourage the students to use their vocabulary and to ask for help if they are unsure of the location of a certain feature.


  • Have each group present their land map to the rest of the class and explain the location of each feature.
  • Review the vocabulary learned during the activity and have any remaining questions answered.


  • Observe the students during the independent practice activity and look for understanding of the vocabulary and ability to use a land map to locate different features.
  • Have the students complete a short quiz to assess their understanding of the vocabulary and ability to use the land map to locate different features.

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