Free 2nd Grade Figuras Planas Lesson Plan

Topic: Figuras planas

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to define and describe figuras planas.


  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Examples of figuras planas (such as triangles, squares, and circles)
  • Construction paper and scissors


  • Ask the students if they have ever seen or played with any figuras planas.
  • Ask them to name some figuras planas they might have seen.
  • Write the names of the figuras planas on the whiteboard.

Direct Instruction

  • Explain to the students that figuras planas are flat shapes that can be folded or cut to make 3-dimensional shapes.
  • Show the students some examples of 3-dimensional shapes, such as a cube or a pyramid.
  • Explain that we can make these 3-dimensional shapes by folding and cutting the figuras planas.
  • Give each student a square piece of paper and a pair of scissors.
  • Have them fold the square paper in half diagonally and then cut along the diagonal to make a triangle.
  • Have them repeat this process with the other diagonal of the square paper to make a second triangle.
  • Have them repeat this process with the remaining square paper to make a third triangle.
  • Show the students how to fold the triangles in half and then cut along the edges to make a cube.

Guided Practice

  • Give each student a different set of figuras planas and have them work with a partner to make a 3-dimensional shape using the instructions above.
  • You may need to help students with the folding and cutting at first, but encourage them to try it on their own as they get more comfortable with the process.
  • As students work, walk around the room and provide support as needed.

Independent Practice

  • Have students choose a different set of figuras planas and create a 3-dimensional shape using the instructions above. This time, they should not use any scissors or glue. Instead, they should try to come up with a way to fold and cut the figuras planas to make their desired shape.
  • Encourage students to be creative and think outside the box as they work on this task.


  • Have students share their 3-dimensional figuras planas shapes with the class. Ask them to explain how they made their shapes and ask for feedback on their ideas and designs.
  • Review the concept of figuras planas and how to create 3-dimensional shapes using them.


  • Observe students as they work to create their own 3-dimensional figuras planas shapes and provide feedback and support as needed.
  • Have students turn in their completed figuras planas shapes for review and assessment.
  • Use the checklist below to evaluate student understanding of the concept:
  • Can the student identify and name 3-dimensional figuras planas shapes?
  • Can the student create a 3-dimensional figuras planas shape using only 2-dimensional figuras planas shapes?
  • Does the student demonstrate understanding of the concept when explaining her own 3-dimensional figuras planas shape?

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