Write A Lesson Plan About Subtraction Up To Thousand. Lesson Plan for 2nd Grade Example Students

Topic: Subtraction with Borrowing

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to subtract numbers up to 1000 using borrowing.


  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Calculator (optional)


  • Ask students to solve the problem 697 - 490 using subtraction without borrowing.
  • Encourage students to use their knowledge of subtraction to solve the problem.
  • Ask for volunteers to share their answers and discuss their methods.

Direct Instruction

  • Introduce the concept of subtraction with borrowing using the number 1000 as an example.
  • Explain that when we are subtracting a larger number from a smaller number, we may not be able to simply subtract the digits and get the answer.
  • Instead, we may need to borrow from a neighbouring digit to make up the difference.
  • For example, when subtracting 697 from 490, we cannot simply subtract the digits because there is a difference of 307.
  • Instead, we borrow 3 from the tens digit and add it to the units digit, giving us a difference of only 204.
  • Write the problem 697 - 490 on the board and ask students to try to solve it using subtraction with borrowing.
  • Encourage students to use their knowledge of borrowing to help them solve the problem.

Guided Practice

  • Provide students with a few more problems to solve using the same procedure as in the direct instruction.
  • Have students work in pairs or small groups and provide support as needed.

Independent Practice

  • Have students work on a series of problems, using the same procedure as in the direct instruction.
  • Encourage students to check their work and verify their answers with their peers.


  • Review the steps of the procedure, and have students share any challenges they encountered and how they were overcome.
  • Remind students of the importance of using the right-left-counting strategy when doing subtraction with borrowing, and how it can help them get the correct answer without having to redo the problems over and over.


  • Observe students during the small group and independent practice activities to assess their understanding of the right-left-counting strategy and their ability to apply it to subtraction problems with borrowing.
  • Have students complete a short quiz or worksheet to assess their understanding of the concept of borrowing in subtraction.

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