Analyzing Nutrition Facts Labels Lesson Plan for 9th Grade Example Students

Topic: Analyzing Nutrition Facts Labels

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Be able to read and interpret a Nutrition Facts Label to understand the nutritional content and health benefits of a particular food or beverage.


  • Various types of food and beverage products (e.g. cereal, milk, yogurt, juice, etc.)
  • Nutrition Facts Label guide (provided by instructor)


  • Have students close their eyes and think about their favorite meal or snack.
  • Ask them to describe their favorite meal or snack and whether or not it is healthy.
  • Discuss with the class the importance of making healthy food choices and the role that Nutrition Facts Labels play in that decision-making process.

Direct Instruction

  • Show the students a sample Nutrition Facts Label to introduce the different components of the label.
  • Discuss each component of the Nutrition Facts Label and what it means in relation to healthy eating.
  • Demonstrate how to use a calculator to calculate the calories and nutrients in a given food.

Guided Practice

  • Have the students work in pairs to calculate the calories and nutrients in a given food using a calculator.
  • Have the students share their calculations with the class and discuss any differences.

Independent Practice

  • Have the students choose a food item that they regularly eat or might want to eat more of, and create a poster or presentation about the nutrition facts of that food.
  • Have the students present their posters or presentations to the class, and have the class come up with ways to use the information to make behavior changes for overall health.


  • Review the main points of the lesson, including the importance of understanding the nutrition facts of food and the various components of a nutrition facts label.
  • Have the students share one thing they learned or one behavior change they plan to make as a result of the lesson.


  • Observe the students during the sorting activity and give feedback on their ability to identify accurate vs. inaccurate nutrition facts labels.
  • Evaluate the students' posters or presentations on one behavior change they plan to make and the reasons for their choice.
  • Administer a quiz on the components of a nutrition facts label and their meanings

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