Steam Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Students

Topic: Understanding shadows and light

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Students will be able to describe the characteristics of shadows and light and how they interact with one another.


  • Shadow puppets
  • Light source (e.g. lamp, flashlight)
  • White sheet or wall


  • Ask students if they have ever seen a shadow before. Ask them to describe what it looked like and where it appeared.
  • Show students a shadow puppet and explain that the puppet is made out of a dark material that blocks the light, causing a shadow to appear.

Direct Instruction

  • Explain that shadows are caused by light hitting objects and being blocked or reflected by them.
  • Show students different objects and have them predict what kind of shadow they will make.
  • Have students experiment with different materials and observe the resulting shadows.

Guided Practice

  • Have students work in small groups to create their own shadows by placing objects on a white surface and shining a light on them.
  • Encourage them to use different materials to create different types of shadows.

Independent Practice

  • Ask students to create a shadow puppet play, using the objects they experimented with during guided practice to create different characters and scenarios.
  • Encourage them to use their shadows to tell a story and to think about the angles and positions they use to cast their shadows.


  • Have students share their shadow puppet plays with the class.
  • Ask them to reflect on what they learned about shadows and light during the lesson.
  • Remind them that shadows can be used to create fun and imaginative scenes and characters.


  • Observe students during the independent practice activity to assess their understanding of the concepts discussed in the lesson.
  • Have students present their shadow puppet plays to the class and ask them to explain their choices and how they used shadows and light to create their scenes and characters.

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